6.4. agents.conf

Agents (who are also called queue members), are defined in agents.conf; additional configurations for the agents are also placed here. Like the other configuration files, it too is divided into sections.
We set persistentagents = yes in the [general] section, so that agent logins persist (meaning they are stored in the Asterisk database) even if Asterisk is restarted.
We set additional parameters in the [agents] section, where we also define the agents. The following parameters are available:


Sets the maximum time a telephone may ring before the agent is automatically logged off.
Note that agents will not be logged out if the autologoff interval is longer than the queue timeout! (see timeout) We set that to 15 seconds, so we set autologoff to 14.
autologoff = 14


Sets whether agents who have logged in with AgentCallbackLogin() must press number sign (#) to accept a call. Be aware that the voice prompt in previous Asterisk versions did not indicate that the agent has to press #. Possible values are yes and no.
ackcall = no


Sets whether agents may end calls by pressing number sign (#). Possible values are yes and no.
endcall = yes


Sets (same as wrapuptime in queues.conf; why this appears in both files is not clear) the wait time, this time in milliseconds, before an agent can be sent another call. Default: 5000.
wrapuptime = 5000   ; 5 seconds to clear your throat


Sets the music-on-hold class for the agents.
musiconhold = default


Adds agent information to the CDR so that we can see which agent answered the call. Possible values are yes and no.
updatecdr = yes


Record agent calls. Possible values are yes and no. Default: no.
recordagentcalls = no


Format for call recordings. Possible values are gsm, wav (caution, huge files!) or wav49. Default: wav.
recordformat = gsm


If createlink = yes, the filename can be prefixed with a URL where the recording is made available on a web server.
; an example might look like this:
;urlprefix = http://astbox/anrufe/


Defines the path where recordings are saved. Default: /var/spool/asterisk/monitor
; Say we wanted to save recordings in /var/calls/:
;savecallsin = /var/calls


Defines individual agents. Can appear more than once.
; Format: agent => agent_id,password,name
agent => 1001,0000,John Safran
agent => 1002,0000,Rove McManus