B.39. ExtenSpy()

Eavesdrop on a channel attached to a specific extension and whisper to it if desired.
ExtenSpy() can listen to incoming and outgoing audio on channels used by the specified extension. The options:
Only listens to channels which belong to a bridged call.
Only listens to channels where the channel variable ${SPYGROUP} is set to grp. ${SPYGROUP} can contain a : separated list of values.
Do not play a tone or say the channel name when listening starts on a channel.
Records the listening session to the spool directory. A filename may be specified if desired; chanspy is the default.
Sets the initial volume. The value may be between -4 and 4.
Enables "whisper" mode. Lets the spying channel talk to the spyed-on channel.
Enables "private whisper mode". The "spying" channel can whisper to the spyed-on channel, but cannot listen.
The following key controls are available while listening:
Stepwise volume adjustment (-4 to 4)
Switch to another channel


Internal help for this application in Asterisk 1.4:
  -= Info about application 'ExtenSpy' =- 

Listen to a channel, and optionally whisper into it

  ExtenSpy(exten[@context][|options]): This application is used to listen to the
audio from an Asterisk channel. This includes the audio coming in and
out of the channel being spied on. Only channels created by outgoing calls for the
specified extension will be selected for spying. If the optional context is not
supplied, the current channel's context will be used.
  While spying, the following actions may be performed:
    - Dialing # cycles the volume level.
    - Dialing * will stop spying and look for another channel to spy on.
    b             - Only spy on channels involved in a bridged call.
    g(grp)        - Match only channels where their ${SPYGROUP} variable is set to
                    contain 'grp' in an optional : delimited list.
    q             - Don't play a beep when beginning to spy on a channel, or speak the
                    selected channel name.
    r[(basename)] - Record the session to the monitor spool directory. An
                    optional base for the filename may be specified. The
                    default is 'chanspy'.
    v([value])    - Adjust the initial volume in the range from -4 to 4. A
                    negative value refers to a quieter setting.
    w             - Enable 'whisper' mode, so the spying channel can talk to
                    the spied-on channel.
    W             - Enable 'private whisper' mode, so the spying channel can
                    talk to the spied-on channel but cannot listen to that
diff output to internal help in Asterisk 1.2:
-- not available in Version 1.2 --