B.74. NoOp()

Does nothing.
This application does absolutely nothing - well, not exactly. You can use NoOp() to print text to the Asterisk CLI, which can be very useful.
The text need not be between quotation marks. If they are entered, they will be printed on the CLI along with the rest of the text.


Text from NoOp() appears on the CLI at verbose level 3 or higher. You can set this in the CLI with set verbose 3 or by invoking the Asterisk CLI with asterisk -vvvr.
exten => 123,1,NoOp(Caller-ID: ${CALLERID})


Internal help for this application in Asterisk 1.4:
  -= Info about application 'NoOp' =- 

Do Nothing

  NoOp(): This applicatiion does nothing. However, it is useful for debugging
purposes. Any text that is provided as arguments to this application can be
viewed at the Asterisk CLI. This method can be used to see the evaluations of
variables or functions without having any effect.
diff output to internal help in Asterisk 1.2:
- none -