B.85. Playtones()

Plays back one or more tones.
Plays a list of one or more tones. Playtones() runs in the background, i.e. it will continue to play tones while execution of the dialplan continues. The argument tones is either a tone name as defined in indications.conf or a list of tone frequencies and durations. For an explanation on how to define your own tones, see indications.conf.
Use StopPlaytones() to stop playing tones.
; Two seconds "busy", then two seconds "congestion" tones:
exten => 123,1,Playtones(busy)
exten => 123,n,Wait(2)
exten => 123,n,StopPlaytones()
exten => 123,n,Playtones(congestion)
exten => 123,n,Wait(2)
exten => 123,n,StopPlaytones()
exten => 123,n,Goto(1)


Internal help for this application in Asterisk 1.4:
  -= Info about application 'PlayTones' =- 

Play a tone list

PlayTones(arg): Plays a tone list. Execution will continue with the next step immediately,
while the tones continue to play.
Arg is either the tone name defined in the indications.conf configuration file, or a directly
specified list of frequencies and durations.
See the sample indications.conf for a description of the specification of a tonelist.

Use the StopPlayTones application to stop the tones playing.
diff output to internal help in Asterisk 1.2:
- none -