B.96. RemoveQueueMember()

Removes queue members dynamically.
Removes a member from the queue dynamically. If interface is not provided, the application removes the current interface (i.e., the interface that is active in the current priority) from the specified queue.
If the interface is not in the specified queue and priority n+101 exists, the application jumps to this priority; otherwise returns an error.
Returns -1 on error, otherwise returns 0.
; Remove SIP/3000 from the support queue:
exten => 123,1,RemoveQueueMember(support,SIP/3000)


Internal help for this application in Asterisk 1.4:
  -= Info about application 'RemoveQueueMember' =- 

Dynamically removes queue members

Dynamically removes interface to an existing queue
If the interface is NOT in the queue and there exists an n+101 priority
then it will then jump to this priority.  Otherwise it will return an error
The option string may contain zero or more of the following characters:
       'j' -- jump to +101 priority when appropriate.
  This application sets the following channel variable upon completion:
     RQMSTATUS      The status of the attempt to remove a queue member as a
                     text string, one of
Example: RemoveQueueMember(techsupport|SIP/3000)
diff output to internal help in Asterisk 1.2:
- none -