B.108. SendText()

Sends text to the channel.
Sends text to the channel (e.g. to print on the display) if the transmission of text is supported by the channel and the device. The channel is handed to the next priority afterwards. If text transmission is not supported, option j makes the channel jump to priority n+101 if it exists.
The text is 7 bit ASCII for most channels.
Returns 0 if the text is transmitted without errors, otherwise -1. Sets the channel variable SENDTEXTSTATUS to SUCCESS, FAILURE or UNSUPPORTED.
exten => 123,1,SendText(Welcome to Asterisk)


Internal help for this application in Asterisk 1.4:
  -= Info about application 'SendText' =- 

Send a Text Message

  SendText(text[|options]): Sends text to current channel (callee).
Result of transmission will be stored in the SENDTEXTSTATUS
channel variable:
      SUCCESS      Transmission succeeded
      FAILURE      Transmission failed
      UNSUPPORTED  Text transmission not supported by channel

At this moment, text is supposed to be 7 bit ASCII in most channels.
The option string many contain the following character:
'j' -- jump to n+101 priority if the channel doesn't support
       text transport
diff output to internal help in Asterisk 1.2:
- none -