B.133. VoiceMailMain()

Allows the caller to check voice mail messages.
old syntax:
Allows access to the mailbox for listening to messages. If the mailbox number is not specified, the system prompts the caller for the mailbox number.
Option s skips the password prompt. Option p (prefix) prompts the caller to enter a mailbox number; the number specified in the command is then used as a prefix to the number provided by the caller and the resulting string is used as the mailbox number. This can be useful with virtual mailbox hosting. Option a(folder) sends the caller directly to the specified folder (default: INBOX).
If a context is specified, only mailboxes in the specified context are accessible.
Returns -1 if the caller hangs up, otherwise 0.
; go to the voicemail menu for mailbox 123 in the default context:
exten => 123,1,VoiceMailMain(123@default)


Internal help for this application in Asterisk 1.4:
  -= Info about application 'VoiceMailMain' =- 

Check Voicemail messages

  VoiceMailMain([mailbox][@context][|options]): This application allows the
calling party to check voicemail messages. A specific mailbox, and optional
corresponding context, may be specified. If a mailbox is not provided, the
calling party will be prompted to enter one. If a context is not specified,
the 'default' context will be used.

    p    - Consider the mailbox parameter as a prefix to the mailbox that
           is entered by the caller.
    g(#) - Use the specified amount of gain when recording a voicemail
           message. The units are whole-number decibels (dB).
    s    - Skip checking the passcode for the mailbox.
    a(#) - Skip folder prompt and go directly to folder specified.
           Defaults to INBOX
diff output to internal help in Asterisk 1.2:
<     a(#) - Skip folder prompt and go directly to folder specified.
<            Defaults to INBOX
See also
Section B.132, “VoiceMail(), voicemail.conf