B.141. ZapBarge()

Allows eavesdropping on a Zap channel.
Allows eavesdropping on a Zap channel. Other participants in the call do not hear the eavesdropper and do not receive any indication that the channel is being monitored.
If the channel is not provided, the user is prompted to enter it, following by the "#" key. In this case, to barge on Zap/4, press "4" and "#".
Returns -1, if the caller hangs up, whether or not a channel is being monitored.
exten => 123,1,ZapBarge(Zap/2)
exten => 123,n,Hangup()


Internal help for this application in Asterisk 1.4:
  -= Info about application 'ZapBarge' =- 

Barge in (monitor) Zap channel

  ZapBarge([channel]): Barges in on a specified zap
channel or prompts if one is not specified.  Returns
-1 when caller user hangs up and is independent of the
state of the channel being monitored.
diff output to internal help in Asterisk 1.2:
- none -